New SK8RATS Edit Is Live!

This edit is dedicated to you Smotag! This summer we lost a Seattle legend, Sean Motaghedi to suicide. In Honor of Sean let’s keep spreading the awareness of Mental Health and do our best to destigmatize mental health, especially among men. If you’re ever feeling low don’t be afraid to reach out, you’ll be surprised how many people are out there that are willing to help. The national suicide prevention lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255. We love ya and miss ya Sean!—Shane Auckland


Brett Sube

Travis Harrison

Kyle Seidler

Ryan Alvero

Sebo Walker

Sean Istaste

Nick Blanco

Trevor Thompson

Shawn Hale

Tanner Lawler

Nate Greenwood

Shane Auckland

Music: Cherry Coke, “Better Than This”…SHOW LESS


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