SK8RATS Needs Your Help!!!

Screen shot 2018-03-05 at 11.30.33 AM

I have amazing friends! Thank you Kristin Ebeling for doing this!

As some of you know my girlfriend’s car was broken into in Vancouver BC recently, it happened mid day right next to the book store we were checking out and had to happen right before we were heading back to WA that day. They took my camera bag which literally had everything I own for all of my filming work since I was also up in WA to do filming work with my friend Cory for his part in the next SK8RATS Video. This was definitely a huge set back for my self and Sk8rats since everything in that bag is my livelihood and for the company. As some of my friends already know that I work 3 different jobs on top of keeping SK8RATS going so anything you can throw towards this Go Fund Me will mean the world and help get SK8RATS and our next full length skate video “Pump On THis” back on track!! Thank you!!


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