Jordan Sanchez SK8RATS Editing Contest #6

Here is the next SK8RATS Editing Contest featuring Jordan Sanchez. Rip this edit off youtube and re-edit the footage however you want. Just remember that Jordan is the one judging the edits, so you are gonna wanna edit your edit to his liking. THE ONLY RULE IS YOU CAN ONLY USE SKATE FOOTAGE FROM THIS EDIT, ANY OTHER B-ROLL FOOTAGE CAN BE OF YOUR CHOICE. There will be 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners. You have from Nov 19th – Dec 3rd to sumbit your edits. Upload your edits to youtube or vimeo and post them on the SK8RATS FACEBOOK PAGE. If you dont have a Facebook post your edit as a video response to this edit!!! Have fun and get wild with it!!!

A good site to rip youtube vids is
And a good free converting program is MPEG Stream Clip


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