Wheels Of Fortune 5

Here is a recap of Wheels of Fortune 5 from the other weekend! Gotta check out all of the wildness that went down!

The Supremes (Advanced)
1st place: Smarria Brevard
2nd place: Kristin Ebeling
3rd place: Vanessa Torres
4th place: Madi Thomas
5th place: Mariah Duran

Golden Girls 30+
1st place: Marie Baeta
2nd place: Chrissie Lathrop
3rd place: Nicole Noller

Spice Girls (Intermediate)
1st place: Muriel Deklerk
2nd place: Marie Baeta
3rd place: Alexis MacRae

Honey Boo-Boo’s (Beginner)
1st place: Rachelle Theodore
2nd place: Gretchen Martini
3rd place: Cora West

Rat Pack (12& Under/C0-Ed)
1st place: Minna Stess
2nd place: Will Morton
3rd place: Lexi Briggs



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