WA Summer Wildness 2012

I was lucky enough to get back up to good old Seattle for a good month and a half this Summer and stacked with all of the homies! Enjoy!

King of the North! -Sean Motaghedi

Vics Marketers- Russian and Brian


VX1 Legend-Jake Meene

God of all Gods-Josh Jones

Brothers-Brian and Jordan


Good times at Brier Park-Dalek, Josh, Brian

Vics Marketing-EVT

Snoho Legend-Jordan Sanchez

Orcas bound

Best Dude Ever-Mike Lind

Camp Wildness

King Size Tent-Logan and Cory

Fire Nation-Eli, Vince, Snake

Island God-Kyle Nolan

Happy Campers

Tree Climbers-Eli and Jake

Oh Face

Best Place On Earth-Orcas Island

BigCouch is out for the night

Selfies are for Kooks




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