Spokane Wildness

Last weekend I joined Jake Meene, Dustyn Tisdel and Jesse Lindloff on a filming mission to Spokane for Jake’s Full Length Video “Golden Daze” Here is our Wildness from the trip and make sure to check out the Trailer below!

Shot all the photos with this Minolta HI-Matic F and some old Polaroid Camera I found in my parents closet, and dont judge my sequences, Im just using my 60d for some Wildness

Spokane bound!

Spokane, WA

Dustyn Tisdel Spokane Rail Road Tracks

Some Wildness from our Trip

Wish I could skate tranny as good as Jesse


Jake and Jesse


Motel 6 Life

Being small does have its advantages

Cant wait for Jesse’s Part in “Golden Daze”!

Gonzaga has some pretty crazy stuff on campus

And  it has an epidemic of longboarders of course

The VX ended up glitching out on Dustyns Ft Noseblunt but hopefully the VX Gods will bless Jake with a not as glitchy clip when logging it through another camera, fingers crossed!

Jesse Lindloff Pole Jam Wildness

Dustyn is too good! Get hyped for his part!

Thanks again to the Spokane Homies for showing us around! Seth/Ryan/Lucas

Selfies are for kooks!



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