SK8RATS DVD Collection Volume #2!!!

The SK8RATS DVD Collection Volume #2 is here featuring all of the SK8RATS Commercials from 2011! From the very first Commercial with Cory all the way to the Elijah Berle Cruiser Board Commercial! Snag a DVD with your next purchase, and enjoy The SK8RATS WILDNESS on the big screen in Full Res!

2011 Commercials in Order

-Cory Kennedy
-Ben Fisher
-Shane Martin
-Sean Harris
-Grant Yansura
-Jonathan Peirce
-Tie Dye Sesh
-Ethan Anderson
-Hillary Fretland
-Graham and Justin
-Jordan Sanchez/Mike
-Shane Auckland
-Dustyn Tisdel
-Cory Kennedy
-Trevor Clark
-Dan Ching
-Jake Shumaker
-Stuart Kirst
-Ray Maldonado
-Grant and Shane
-Elijah Berle


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