Cory Kennedy SK8RATS Editing Contest (Read the Description)

The very first SK8RATS Editing Contest is here! Rip this edit off youtube or click the megaupload link and re-edit the raw footage of Cory within this edit! You dont have to use all of it, just whatever you think works best for a solid edit! After you are done with your edit and have exported, upload it to your youtube page and post it on the SK8RATS Facebook page! You have till December 1st to post your edit of Cory on the SK8RATS Facebook Page. After December 1st Cory is gonna watch your edits and pick his favorite one! The winner will get a SK8RATS Box filled with SK8RATS Gear! Best of luck! And if you want you can search old edits and rip those and use clips from them for more lifestyle clips of Cory as well for the contest, its your call! Be creative! And we are not gonna be basing it off quality sense this is youtube so dont worry about quality!

Heres the Megaupload link

A good site to rip youtube vids is
And a good free converting program is MPEG Stream Clip


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4 Responses to Cory Kennedy SK8RATS Editing Contest (Read the Description)

  1. hagfish says:

    you have to upload it to youtube or can it be vimeo

  2. chubbylover69 says:

    can you put music in it?

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