Washington Apples!!!

My good friend Jake Sharp showed me this song he found on youtube awhile back and it was a must to make an edit to this song, so over the summer while I was back home in Washington visting I stacked some clips with all the homies! Enjoy some Washington Apples!!!

PS who ever made this song, hopefully your not bummed, super rad song!

Thanks again to all the homies that donated clips for the edit!

Filmed by
Shane Auckland
Sean Motaghedi
Justin Marko
Galen Knowles
Sean Harris

In order of Appearance

Cory Kennedy
Trevor Clark
Galen Knowles
Jordan Sanchez
Brian Sanchez
Ethan Anderson
Psycho Mike
Sean Motaghedi
Andy Tomich
Mike Lind
Casey Geldermann
Nick Fiorini
Shane Martin
Jake Shumaker
Pheng Xiong
Dustyn Tisdel
Ken Takayama
Will Douglas
Dan Ching
George Kargopoltsev
Andy Froberg
Payton Kennedy
Shane Auckland
Blake Auckland
Ryan Czapiewski
Brendan Bonney
Sean Harris


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