Malibu Mansion Pumpers

Over the weekend a few of us were skating that abandoned bowl spot out in the Malibu Hills and on our way back to our cars we notice that someone was having some epic party and we decide lets try our luck and see if we can sneak our way into this super rich Malibu Party, and some how we managed to get our way in to this 25 million dollar Malibu Hills Mansion Party. It was a night to remember oh phosho…before we all started getting kicked out one by one!

Filmed by Legendary Pumper-Jack Moran



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3 Responses to Malibu Mansion Pumpers

  1. Taits says:

    Did you get kicked out at the end?

  2. Taits says:

    Haha, sick dude. Someday I will sneak into your party 😀

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