Inner Space Wildness 35ths Edition!

I just found this edit that I made for The Berrics about a year ago and it never went up. Couldn’t let all this pump footy go to waste! Enjoy all the Washington Pumpers shralping at Inner Space!

Filmed by
Brandon Jensen
Jake Knapp
Mike Martinez
Shane Auckland

About SK8RAT
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5 Responses to Inner Space Wildness 35ths Edition!

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  2. Ryan says:

    Hey man, I dont mean to push up into your personal life, but why did you get laid off from the berrics? your the BEST filmer out there man!
    Keep skating!

  3. Ezguith says:

    Sup man, i was just wondering, how did you land the job as a filmer for The Berrics? I’m a filmer myself & trying to film for skateboarding but i have no idea were to start.

    • SK8RAT says:

      I dont work for The Berrics anymore but when I did I got the job from filming part of Cory’s Bang yo Self edit and editing it and submitting it to the berrics. After that I went to the berrics an interned for 2 weeks and moved to LA to work full time berra and koston

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