New Best Skater In The Neighborhood

So recently I got my 2nd Surgery on my tumor in my left thumb done, and have been posted up at home for about the last week recovery and staying up on my meds. I had some what of an edit going for the past weeks but figured I would just wrap it up with some old clips that I have been chillin on for a while.

Filmed by
Jake Shumaker
Shane Auckland
Jr Venegas
Bert Wooton
Johan Stuckey

In Order of Appearance
Tyler Kindred
Crazy Women
Josh Anderson
Jake Shumaker
Shane Auckland
Ray Maldonado
Scott Shumaker
Mike Longoria
Mike Lind
Steven Farmer
Shane Martin
Mikey Burton
Justin Cefai
Grant Yansura


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1 Response to New Best Skater In The Neighborhood

  1. Adamib says:

    Man good luck on your recovery!

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