Back Home for Thanksgiving 2010 (In Memory of Jared Harrison)

I recently went back home to visit my parents for Thanksgiving and visit some Hand Doctors about getting my 2nd surgery on my Tumor in my thumb. And in my free time meet up with some of my homies and filmed some Wildness. Unfortunately one of my very good friends Jared Harrison that I grew up skating with and was one of the first sk8rats passed away while I was back. He was a legend among legends! RIP Jared, you will be missed!

In Order of Appearance
Jake Narsinger
Blake Auckland
Jake Shumaker
Matt Norman
Shane Martin
Jake Sharp
Jake Narsinger
Payton Kennedy
Sean Motaghedi
Andy Froberg
Steve Gonzales
Bean One
Shane Auckland
John Erickson
Jared Harrison

Edited by
Shane Auckland

Filmed by
Shane Auckland
Andy Froberg
Jake Sharp
Jake Narsinger

About SK8RAT
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1 Response to Back Home for Thanksgiving 2010 (In Memory of Jared Harrison)

  1. Anne Harrison says:

    Thank you Shane, and everyone else who skated with Jared over the years. The videos are very helpful. Jared was never happier than when he was on his board and with any and all of you. Take care of yourselves, and each other.

    Jared’s Mom

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